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Big and bold long-storing Marbled Purple Stripe garlic.


Five huge cloves of rich, deeply flavored garlic. There are only a few cloves per bulb but they are large and pungent, enphasizing earthy musky tones of garlic lovers dreams.  Duganski promises to add an entirely new dimension of sharp, robust flavour to any dish, enhancing all of its surrounding ingredients. 


The bulbs will typically store around nine months from the date of harvest at room tempurature, Duganski will usually store firm all the way through winter.  Duganski packs a wallop of deep, rich flavor, perfect for cooking.

Duganski - 1 lb

  • Gully Ridge Farms currently offers shipping within a reasonable radius of their operations - all other orders are pickup only.


    *If you would like your order delivered please include your address and postal code in the customizable field on your order. A representative will contact you if you are eligable for shipping of your fresh Ontario garlic.

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